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Connecting resources

OFNTSC uses its connections and resources to find more connections and resources. Our administrators and program specialists actively engage with our partners and potential partners

"What I enjoy about my job the most is that I'm working with First Nation communities, and for First Nation communities."
Glen Goodman
OFNTSC Senior Engineer

Choose a career in tecnical services

The Ontario First Nations’ Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) was established in 1995 to provide expert technical advisory services to the First Nations of Ontario. At that time, it was the first Aboriginal organization in Canada mandated to provide professional technical and advisory services to First Nations’ communities, and foster their technical self-reliance. The OFNTSC creates future capacity by encouraging youth to pursue careers in science and technology. The OFNTSC attends career fairs and encourages young people to enroll in science and technology related courses offering scholarships, often in partnership with the corporate sector.

ofntsc provides expert advice

Call one of our three offices and book a time to have a consultation with an OFNTSC representative. One of our experienced technicians or qualified engineers can assist Ontario First Nations with funding applications, procurement processes, technical programs and technical advice.

Access documents & applications online

At the OFNTSC we assist First Nation personnel in accessing the correct documents and applications to access the resources appropriate resources.

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Working toward self-reliance

First Nations have the people, we help find the training and resources to help sustain a vibrant community

Become a leader in techincal services

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